Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunday July 5th, Stockholm archipelago

     Today was a beautiful day.  We had a relaxing morning before we drove to Öregrund, northwest of Blidö by maybe 100 kilometers. It's a cute little town on the Baltic Sea. We walked around and enjoyed looking at the old wooden houses. I know I took some photos but I don't know where they ended up.
     We had a late lunch at a restaurant on the waterfront. Karl and Maude has herring, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries, and I had pizza.  After lunch we took a ferry from Öregrund to the island of Gräsö.  Aside from a church and a grocery near the ferry, the island was very rural and sparsely inhabited.  There was a wildlife preserve.  We drove to the northern end of the island and got out of the car to look for a lighthouse.  The lighthouse was actually located on a small adjacent island accessible only by boat so we weren't able to visit it. We stopped at the island's church. It was closed but we walked around the church grounds and bell tower. On our way back, something interesting happened. We were in the line to get on the ferry. The ferry came over and nearly docked when it suddenly began going back to the other shore! We waited several minutes and then the ferry came back over to our side. An ambulance raced off the ferry and headed down the road! And, as you might expect, the ferry was obligated to wait for the ambulance! So we sat for quite a few more minutes and finally we were able to board the ferry. They left a lane open for the ambulance. It returned without lights or sound, so I guess it wasn't an emergency after all.
     We drove back to Blidö--I'm guessing it took more than 2 hours--and had a light supper.  Maude and I watched Wolf Hall on television.  The British and U.S. programs are shown in English with Swedish subtitles. After the show ended Maude said she had to go outside and bring in the laundry from the line before it got dark--it was 10:45 p.m. and was still fairly light out!
     Today's photos can be found here

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